Consulting Support

To help guide you to the right benefit decisions, garden members can gain access to the consultative services of Spring Consulting Group. Spring is a leader in developing innovative employee benefit, human resource and risk management solutions for employers of all sizes. Spring’s team of consultants, advisers, actuarials and underwriters are some of the industries best with decades of experience.

Some of the particular services offered to garden members include:

Employee Benefits Consulting and Brokerage:

Spring works with clients to design employee benefit strategies that work in today’s markets. We help employers invest in their workforces through structured benefit programs that can demonstrate a return in productivity and efficiency. Benefits are designed to be competitive recruitment tools and to effectively reduce absenteeism, disability and chronic illness. We avoid a “one size fits all” approach and recommend tailored strategies that address the unique challenges facing our clients. Our integrated and innovative solutions will create value for employers and their employees by protecting their health, creating wealth and ensuring their interests. Our experienced and licensed insurance brokers have been providing responsive and timely consultative services for business owners and individuals for over 25 years. We can help with virtually all of your employee benefits needs.

Risk Management:

Spring has a long history of working with risk managers to minimize the impact of risk to their bottom line. Just about every company faces a plethora of business risk over time. Our enterprise risk management services focus on addressing the following business risks:

  • Strategic Business Risks
  • Market/Business Environment Risks
  • Financial Performance Risks
  • Operational Risks
  • Compliance & Financial Reporting Risks

Health and Productivity Management:

Spring is a recognized leader on program integration; our team of experts has been at the forefront of health and productivity innovation. Spring consultants hold leadership positions with industry organizations to include the Disability Management Employer Coalition (DMEC), where our consultants played an instrumental role in developing and editing content for publications such as DMEC’s Tools of the Trade and the Return to Work Program Manual.

Our team doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to health and productivity. We also recognize and embrace that workforce needs change over time as do available tools, technology and regulations governing our work. Because of this, Spring conducts the industry’s only Vendor Benchmarking Survey on an annual basis to gauge trends, practices and marketplace perceptions. We also conduct a unique Employer Survey that allows us to “test” integrated concepts with the prime stakeholders of the industry’s programs.

Insurance and Risk Funding Solutions:

Spring is a leader in developing innovative and intelligent alternative risk funding strategies that lower costs, improve management control, enhance coverage, increase program design flexibility and help establish financial stability for our clients. We develop funding solutions for companies of all sizes for a number of areas of risk.

Whether you are looking to develop a captive for your casualty risks, self-fund your health insurance or are looking to move your stop-loss into a series cell captive, we can help. We have an arsenal of funding vehicles for you to chose from- all aimed at saving you money and giving you more control over your plan. Contact us today to discuss the options available for your risk funding needs.

Actuarial Services

Spring’s actuarial experience and expertise is second to none. Our team of award-winning actuaries and analysts are dedicated to solving complex and unique challenges for our clients.

Each of our consulting actuaries participates on, and often leads, client project teams requiring health, welfare and property & casualty actuarial expertise and certification.

We are experts in the following insurance and risk coverages:

  • Employee, executive and retiree life, disability, medical, dental and vision
  • Medical stop loss for employers and captives
  • Individual life, annuity and settlements
  • General and professional liability, workers comp, property and cyber risk

To find out more about these services, or any of the garden member benefits, please contact us today using the form on this page.