Products & Services

garden clients enjoy a number of products & services uncommon in the traditional insurance marketplace.

Highlights of garden Products & Services:

  • Digital platform to help you administer and manage your employee benefit plans while offering your employees easy access to select, manage and update their benefits when they need to from whatever device they prefer
  • One-stop marketplace for best-in-class health & productivity vendors as well as voluntary, supplemental, life and retirement service providers with enhanced group pricing and custom products specifically crafted for garden members
  • Access to our compliance updates and consultants to keep you in the know
  • An innovative and engaging wellness program that is focused on creating a happy and healthy workforce
  • Access to award-winning consultants that specialize in:
    • Employee Benefits
    • Health & Productivity
    • Human Resources
    • Risk Management
    • Insurance Funding Solutions
    • Actuarial

Please contact our garden team if you have any questions using the contact form on this page.